As I stated in the video above, my husband and I own and operate a small flower shop in Orland Park and together we have nearly 30 years of experience in small business [learn more]. We understand the challenges of creating JOBS in this economy. In addition, I am a current Palos Township Trustee, charged with the responsibility of providing an efficient government to some 54,000 citizens within Cook County. Prior to my government experience and small business ownership, I graduated summa cum laude, from GSU in 2004, while raising our three children and volunteering in our Palos School District 118. I chaired some of the largest fundraisers for the school district. I understand the importance of education in our society and how it leads to successful productive citizens and how quality education can lead to a brighter future for our youth.

Like you, in recent years, we have worked hard to keep and maintain investments, like our home, and find it increasingly difficult to grow our business under an administration that seeks to punish businesses across the nation. Year by year, it becomes increasingly difficult for middle class families to hang-on to what they have and keep what they earn because of out-of-control spending, over taxation and over regulation by this administration. I will work hard to reverse our high state unemployment and damage to the economy that has been brought upon by our current District Congressman. [businesses learn more]

And like you, “ObamaCare” (ACA) was forced upon me and my family and now it’s unfortunately the law of the land (enforced and fully intact by over 10 separate votes by Dan Lipinski). This law is an intrusion into our personal and professional lives, has caused the reduction of healthcare services and has led to the increase in premiums – this is not what was promised to the American people. If elected, I will work tirelessly to see that this job-killing legislation be repealed in its entirety. Other means of taming our healthcare issues should be tort reform, health savings accounts and the ability for people to purchase insurance across state lines. Capitalism and the free market are the proven keys to solving our cumulative financial woes.

Last election cycle, I ran for Palos Township Trustee with great results and witnessed renewed enthusiasm by the people of our township for more responsible government. This gave me pause to think that a wave of people, like myself, have had enough of the dysfunction in our nation’s capitol and that we need new leadership in office. I believe people from all demographics and political parties have been pushed to the edge. It’s time for the madness to end and the business of the hard-working Americans to be first and foremost on the docket. [learn more]

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