Statement of Sharon Brannigan, 07/28/2017

Regarding the Statements made Via Facebook, I wish to take this opportunity to clarify my position. Over the previous 2 years, on three occasions, in the heat of politically charged media stories around the debate over undocumented immigrants throughout the Country, I used the opportunity, to point out how undocumented immigrants impact our own community Tax dollars, and I called on Congressman Dan Lipinski to address this issue.In reviewing those statements, I acknowledge that my quickfire selection of language used was not the best choice and unintentionally far too broad in scope.I can empathize and understand that a misunderstanding in the intent of broad based use of the word Muslim and Middle East can be seen to have a duality of meanings and can be easily viewed as being negative or biased. I am sincere in recognizing that citizens may have interpreted my language as hurtful and for this I am humbled. It is never in my nature to hurt the feelings of any human being. I commit to being more sensitive and conscious to this moving forward.

As a twice elected official of Palos Township, I always have the citizens of Palos Township’s best interest at heart regardless of race, religion, or sexuality. I ask that you consider my entire body of work in both public and private service to my family, friends, and community.

As to the call to resign, allow me to be clear; I do not have any intention of stepping down from position as Township trustee, the citizens of this Township have voted overwhelmingly to send me here to serve their interest. I know my record of hard work, fiscal frugality and as an active tax reduction advocate speaks for itself. I will allow the citizens of Palos Township to decide if I am doing a job effectively enough to merit being re-elected.

My sincerest regards,

Sharon Brannigan