Lipinski’s ObamaCare

Dan Lipinski “affirmatively supportskeeping ALL of ObamaCare – as part of Obama’s “inner-circle” he continued to support the Obama Administration, even though for over 3 years the President knew that millions of insurance policies would be cancelled [learn about it here].Despite what Lipinski’s telling citizens, he VOTES YES to ObamaCare by FAILING OVER 10 TIMES to repeal, delay, defund and/or abolish any and all of the harmful provisions of ObamaCare.

H.R.3630 “Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act” – Lipinski “No”
H.R.2 “Repeal ObamaCare” – Lipinski “No”
H.R. 5 “Repeal The Independent Payment Advisory Board” (aka The ObamaCare Death Panel Board) – Lipinski “No”
H.R. 3350 “Keep Your Health Plan Act of 2013” – Lipinski “No”
H.R.6079 “Repeal ObamaCare” – Lipinski “No”
H.R. 1255 “Government Shutdown Prevention Act” (included several amendments to ‘severely limit’ implementation of ObamaCare) – Lipinski “No”
H.Cont.Res.34 (Part of Budget for 2012-2013 – included amendments to Repeal and Defund ObamaCare) – Lipinski “No”
H.R. 1213 “To Repeal Mandatory Funding Provided to the States to Establish Exchanges” (was to eliminate the ability of the secretary of Health and Human Services “to have an unlimited tap on the U.S. Treasury related to government mandated health insurance exchanges.”) – Lipinski “No”
H.R.45 “To Repeal the PPACA” – Lipinski “No”
H.R.3362 (Transparency) “Exchange Information Disclosure Act” (To require the Obama Administration to provide weekly reporting on “key metrics” to lawmakers and state officials – 33 Democrats voted “for” this bill.) – Lipinski “No”
H.R. 2009 “Keep IRS Out of ObamaCare” – Lipinski “No”
September 2013 “Delay ObamaCare” – Lipinski “No”
September 2013 “Repeal Medical Device Tax” – Lipinski “No”
H.R. 1217 “Repeal ObamaCare Slush-Fund” – Lipinski “No”
What is the ObamaCare H.R.1217 Slush-Fund? Section 4002 of PPACA establishes a Prevention and Public Health Fund, which bill, H.R. 1217, could have repealed. The PPACA section authorizes the appropriation of (i.e. it takes) and appropriates (deposits) to this new fund – taking it out of the U.S. Treasury, in the following amounts:
$500 million for FY 2010
$750 million for FY11
$1 billion for FY12
$1.25 billion for FY13
$1.5 billion for FY14
and for FY15 and every fiscal year thereafter, $2 billion.
This is a Lipinski Approved ObamaCare “slush fund” from which the Secretary of H.H.S. can spend without any congressional oversight or approval.


No matter who is analyzing the numbers, Lipinski ‘Approved’ ObamaCare will cost you more money:


Sharon Brannigan does NOT support ObamaCare and has signed her pledge to repeal and replace ObamaCare with more common sense provisions and with the assistance of free market principles [view pledge].