Dan Lipinski has been absent on many issues, such as JOBS (as Illinois has been fluctuating between 2nd to 4th worst-in-the-nation in unemployment – Lipinski has even miserably failed African Americans [Learn More]), and, appears to blindly follow “the administration” on most issues, which has contributed to historic low approval ratings of Congress – and – Lipinski has failed Small Businesses Too [Learn More].

ObamaCare is another one of the main issues that has vaulted me into running for public office. Make no mistake about it… Rep. Dan Lipinski VOTED “FOR” OBAMACARE over 10 times (this includes all the taxes, all the I.R.S. oversight, the hidden slush-funds, the millions of cancelled insurance policies and failed mandates), here are some of his votes:
[1] H.R.2 – Repeal ObamaCare (Lipinski NO)
[2] H.R. 6079 – Repeal ObamaCare (Lipinski NO)
[3] H.R. 1217 – Repeal Section 4002 of ObamaCare – The Slush Fund (Lipinski NO)
[4] H.R. 2009 – Keep The IRS Off Your Healthcare Act of 2013 (Lipinski NO)
[5] September 2013: Delay ObamaCare (Lipinski NO) / Repeal Medical Device Tax (Lipinski NO)
[>] Learn more about Lipinski and ObamaCare [here] , [here] , [here] and [here]

In the coming months of 2014, you’ll hear Dan Lipinski (and the Obama Administration) unroll a new marketing campaign “mend it, don’t end it,”I disagree, I will vote to repeal ObamaCare in its entirety.I believe no amount of band aids will fix this monstrosity of a program that levies millions in taxes and takes over 1/6th of our national economy – what I want to see in its place is health insurance options of purchasing across state lines, health savings accounts, and tort reform.

    There are, of course, many other issues, which I am concerned about as well.
    Such issues include:

  • Sharon Brannigan is a “Made in America” Candidate. The Candidate follows a family history of small business ownership and Made in America goods and services – Learn how the Candidate wants more “Made in America” goods and how you can help.[Learn More]
  • The Administration’s relentless pursuit to neutralize and strip away our 2nd Amendment Rights [Learn More];
  • Stopping the Common Core Curriculum from spreading across the entire public education system (see an informative video on common core below);
  • Protecting our religious and personal freedoms (i.e. upholding our 1st Amendment and 4th Amendment Rights) [Learn More 4th Amendment Information Here];
  • Persistent unemployment for Veterans and all citizens in Illinois. We must do better than 2nd (or 3rd) worst in the nation for unemployment; [We Need More Jobs for Illinois Citizens – Learn More]
  • Ensuring we protect our borders, having a strong national defense and better leadership for our foreign policy and international agendas [Learn More];
  • Getting to the bottom of the VA SCANDAL and building confidence in our Veterans regarding their medical care – to ensure the VA Hospitals & Medical Centers are running efficient and act humanely toward our Veterans; and
  • Getting to the bottom of the BENGHAZI SCANDAL. Ensuring that the Special Committee has the tools necessary to investigate this matter and minimize future terrorist attacks, by ensuring our diplomatic posts have the security and communications they need to operate safely abroad. No matter whether Democrats or Republicans are serving abroad, they are Americans that need our security and leadership – not excuses!

I strongly believe issues, such as these, are eating away at our God given rights and freedoms as true Americans.

And then you have our national debt.  Oh my God.  The debt clock on my website shows the rapid pace at which we keep racking up our national debt – it is almost mind numbing.I believe our national debt is a huge issue facing our nation and I know you do as well.The ever increasing debt undermines the stability of the United States not only here at home, but beyond our borders.Dan Lipinski has been directly involved in raising the national debt – view his votes here! Here’s why $17-Trillion in debt is a big problem:

Taxes and spending have skyrocketed under this administration.Taxes are an issue I have personally combated in Palos Township and will fight relentlessly in Washington D.C., as I have signed a pledge to protect the taxpayers of this District. Dan Lipinski, sadly, is offering new initiatives, as of April 2014, to raise taxes! [learn more here]

Entitlements need to be reigned in and waste, fraud and abuse need to end for the sake of all of us and our children/grandchildren.I will work tirelessly to see to it that all of it is exposed and stopped in its tracks.

During the Primary Elections Season, I was proud that Illinois Review saw fit to feature me in a news article regarding my opinion on the Max Baucus, “Cost Recovery Tax Reform Draft.”Follow the link: … In addition on September 16, 2014, the Illinois Review featured another article entitled “An Interview With Sharon Brannigan,” read a copy of it here!